Following a raw dream – a dream full of flavors.

VeveRaw: A passion for raw

We bring you raw food, healthy food, raw cakes, raw desserts and a healthy lifestyle elevated to a new level with a fine-tuned taste that will satisfy even the greatest gourmets. Switch guilt for feeling great! Enjoying VeveRaw sweets does not put a strain on your digestion and does not harm your body with any artificial ingredients.

Refined taste

With the help of the sweetest teeth among us, we spend hours on end polishing it.


VeveRaw sweets are gluten free. We keep gluten at arm’s length.


We do not use milk or dairy products in our sweets, which means they are naturally lactose-free.


You cannot have desserts without a sweet element, though: we use a great domestic honey, date syrup and agave syrup.


Apologies if this comes as a disappointment, but domestic or other chickens do not participate in the making of our raw sweets.

Preservative - and colorant-free

No artificial helpers, only the ingredients and their combined qualities.

Suitable for diabetics

Our raw sweets are safe for gourmets with diabetes.


Have you just enjoyed one of our raw sweets? Do not throw away the glass or paper box that it came in. Bring it back to us the next time you stop by – you will save a few pennies and help us protect the environment.

Easy on your digestion

Our bodies can handle raw food very well. On top of that, it tastes wonderful.


VeveRaw products contain no genetically modified ingredients. They are made by nature and passion.


Raw sweets, as the name suggests, are not cooked or baked. All we do is blend, mix, and pat together.

Patted together with dedication

We pat with all our might, with all our heart and soul.

Eva & Martin

We live off flavor, joy, love, work, soul, blending, mixing, patting…we thrive on the passion for raw.

From a small girl hanging around other people baking and dreaming of becoming a pastry chef, through adolescence and times when I was not myself, to leaving my past behind and looking for a new path which would finally allow me to be me. Instead of following in the footsteps of others, I create my own. And so I am walking…

From a small boy who was often told “no”, through a young man who, for a lack of motivation, decides to save others, to a man who is not fulfilled by saving because he himself is empty, without an opinion, but wants to be himself and look for himself, so he sets out on a new journey. And so he is walking…

We were walking and then we met. We have continued together, since walking together is easier, although for a long time there was a certain distance between us. We are accompanied by smiles, love, weeping, trust, faith in ourselves, happiness, joy, the freedom to breathe.

On our journey, we encounter raw food, nuts, fruits, vegetables, we have fun. We try things, taste things, pat things together, we love it. We love raw. We spend hours and hours looking for the best flavors. We work till we drop but we will not allow ourselves to ease off, mingle with the crowd, get lost in time. We do not pretend to be fire, we live off sparks. We will not get dragged down to the bottom. We go on. We go after our delicious dream to conjure pleasure out of flavors.

Where can you meet us?

The Pilsen Farmers' Market

Every odd week on a Saturday

On 6–7 June 2015, we will be at Prague’s Raw Fest.

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Most popular raw sweets

Veveraw sweets are gluten- and lactose-free, which means they are suitable for diabetics. We are giving gourmets a green light!

Cheeze – No Pistachio










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